Bed liners are expensive so why not do your own bed liner for a fraction of the cost?

Save money spraying your own bed liner. Lets face it the economy is for sure in the slumps. Most are saving every penny they can but who wants to ding and scratch up the one thing they love the most – your truck!

Your truck pays you back by hauling things for you and many of you it makes you money. So when you want to treat your truck with respect we recommend Al’s Truck liner.

bed lineer before Bed liner paint after

Before                                                                 After

MVC bed liner

You ask why would we sell Al’s Liner rather than any other brand? Well for many reasons:

  • This professional kit is made for the Do-it-your-self kind of person.
  • You can spray it in “any” color and match your truck,ramp,dock or boat.
  • You have a variety of  textures to choose from.
  • Sprays in 4 easy steps!
  • You do not need a spray booth and minimal protection is required.
  • Truck beds, pickup truck beds, under coating, frames, inner bodies, rails, steps, ramps are no problem.
  • Longest liner life on the market.
  • Spray on only, make it as thick as you like, better than professional jobs. Roller jobs are messy and unprofessional. it does not get deep in the coating like our spray on.


Truck Liner

When it comes to truck bed liners you want one that is going to last so you don’t have to worry about it every needing to be touched up any time soon. Not all truck liners are created equal! Roll on bed liners are messy and just do not do a good job and for the same price you can get a professional job done right at home.

Al’s Truck Liner

Al's Liner with Kit

Al’s truck liner has been around since the mid 90’s and has been a favorite among man top shops and coating facilities. It even has been featured on Power block TV. It has been used on so many applications it is almost to hard to list them all. To take a peek and see what all it has been used for click here.
Al’s Liner is not rolled on, only sprayed on and gives you the ability to spray it as thick as you like! This is the only liner I know of that will let you ad any texture or any color to make your next coat extremely appealing to the eye.

Match Your Paint

You can cover just about anything and now you can make it match by adding automotive paint right to Al’s paint. Just make sure it does not have binders or balancers and your fine.

Kubota RTV  Fleet

UV Sensitive

Block harmful rays form the sun and mother nature. Al’s Urethane/acrylic “Lock tight” Coating system is the first and only professional “DO-it-Yourself” spray in bed liner. It simple 4 step process makes it simple for anyone regardless or artistic capabilities.

Spray On Bed Liners

Spray on bed liners or spray”in” bedliners are the way to go and are the way the professionals do it when you pay them $4-500.00 a truck bed. They use this system because it is simply more professional, goes on faster and is disbursed evenly across the bed of your truck. Here are a few reasons why spray on is better:

  • Sprays on evenly
  • Spray on as thick as you want it
  • Looks better
  • Last longer
  • Seals better
  • You can make a variety of textures
  • 4 times as fast as roll on
  • Much easier clean up


Roll On Bed Liners

Spray on bed liners are super cheap, however  for about the same price you can get a spray on bed liner.
Here i a few cons about spray on bed liners:

  • Messy
  • Many extra steps
  • Hard to get in the corners and grooves
  • Hard to cover evenly
  • Comes premixed
  • One texture fits all
  • Lots of prep
  • Does not seal as well
  • Can look unprofessional
  • Over all hard application