Anthony Lift Gates

Are you seeking for a complete range of durable liftgates that is specially designed to handle your delivery needs? Then, Anthony Liftgates, Inc is the answer, because since 1941, they have been doing their best to meet all the requirements to produce quality liftgates. You can expect quality and reliable products and excellent customer service from Anthony. It was in 1941 when Anthony invents liftgates at Streator, Illinois manufacturing plant and in the same year they were able to issue the first patent for liftgates. In the succeeding years, Anthony was able to prove their versatility in creating quality liftgates.

It was in l982 when Anthony was relocated in Pontiac, Illinois. During the ‘80’s and 90’s Anthony has once again proven its dedication in modernizing and improving their product line. It has produce innumerable number of quality products that benefited all its consumers. It was on 2001 when Anthony celebrated its 60th years of innovations. Anthony is one of the most wide-ranging dealer networks in the liftgates industry. You will be provided with up-to-date information regarding Anthony products from their efficient dealer personnel. They will also assist you in selecting the perfect liftgates for your needs. Highly trained customer service personnel are willing and able to assist you.

Anthony Liftgates, Inc. continues to create superior designs and quality standard features that make their products the smartest and stylish choice in liftgates today and the years to come. Now that Anthony Liftgates, Inc. is in its 70 years of existence in liftgates industry expect to have more powerful and advanced quality products that will hit the liftgates industry.

ANTEO Tail-Liftgates

ATU – GLR Series

Magnum Railtrac

Conventional Liftgate


Gas Bottle Liftgate

F3 CL30 Cantilever Tail-Lifts

F3 RE 30 HS

F3 IV 050

F3 RE 032


PCR 2500 94GB