ATU GLR Series

Any experienced truck equipment professionals can distinguished that price is only a fraction of the cost in owning a liftgate. The truth is that it is not the price of the commodity but the reliability, safety and maintenance are the unseen costs that strike the end product. Anthony products are considered the smartest option in liftgates because of its quality standard features and superior design.
The ATU-GLR Series has a large wedge design with 80”wide x 50”deep steel platform, toughened for pallet operations. For easy operation, it is provided with dual closer springs on both main and flip sections. It has a 2,500 lb. capacity, large enough to handle more lift gate operations. With its maximum duty block bumpers which is designed and tested can endure many years of rigorous dock contact. The vehicle is also protected against short circuit of lift gate power cable because of its 200 ampere circuit protection.
It also features heat-shrink wire connections, anti-rotational terminals with stainless steel fasteners. In any weather, it is well protected due to its standard marine-duty toggle switch. The closed hydraulic system is designed to protect against humidity and contaminants. The low-pour hydraulic fluid is most advantageous during the cold weather operation and well protected from damage like debris, impact, theft and weather with its lockable steel pump enclosure.
ATU-GLR Series is powered by many other advantageous features like the “Super” hydraulic cylinders to increase service life. The pressure compensated flow valve provides constant and controlled lowering speed of the platform and prevents “free fall” in case of hydraulic failures. The platform and components has an attractive and resilient finish. It also tilts smoothly at ground and re-levels even before the lifting cycle commences. The ATU-GLR series has the 3 + 3 warranty and able to meet TMC standards.