Conventional Liftgate

One of the Anthony Liftgates, Inc., creation is the Conventional Models AC Conventional Liftgate , because of its outstanding design and quality standard features. It is considered as the smartest preference in liftgates nowadays. The closed hydraulic system keeps against moisture and outside pollutants. You don’t have to worry of rusty hinge problems because it is designed without hinges. The Service-Free Bushings is one of the Anthony’s first. It is used at critical pivot points and the bushings prolong the pin and arm life and at the same time eliminate routine lubrication.
The “potted” control switch works in any type of weather conditions. The heat-shrink wire connections and stainless steel terminal fasteners give extra corrosion protection providing continuous operations even under bad weather situations. The double-weight hydraulic cylinder allows operation at a lower pressure increasing the life of the whole hydraulic system, electrical components and batteries. The Service-Free operation is lengthen because of its chrome plated piston rod and cylinder.
The Anthony Exclusive Zero Leak Concept using machined fittings, SAE “O” rings and JIC hydraulic connections together with the factory installed optimal cold weather hydraulic fluid will provide you with trouble-free service without the hassle of expensive leaks. All Anthony’s lift gates have lifetime warranty.
With the special features of Conventional Models AC Conventional Liftgate, along with its standard features, again Anthony Liftgates, Inc. has once again proven an outstanding creation in lift gate industry. Their pioneering and modern designs, superior quality and the dedication of the company make Anthony Liftgates, Inc. the leading inventor.