F3 CL30 Cantilever Tail-Lifts

The classical tail-lift F3 CL30 is a perfect use for continual loading and unloading heavy or extraordinary loads. It is appropriate for trucks, semi-trailers and vehicle with low drawbar coupling. The platform of F3 CL30 is made of aluminum or sandblasted steel with hexacrilyc electrocataphoresis treatment and to avert platform wear, it is supplied with Teflon wheels.
It has a power-driven opening of the platform that inclines to the ground with automatic hydraulic tilting. The platform tilts in any position. The tail-lift arms are adjustable in three positions and stop mechanically against equipment. Tail-lift with approved rear-bumper is factory welded on the main beam and sustained the pre-assembled control box.
The hydraulic characteristics of F3 CL30 are power packed with closing seal that is sound proof and compact. The electrical of F3 CL30 are connected through modular extractable board. The cylinders are self-lubricating and protected by rubber gaitors. Every cylinder has built-in safety solenoid valves. Tank is safe from any pollutants because it has air filter.
The external control box is illuminated so it can be easily located even at night. F3 CL30 control does not have any electronic components. It is capable of two-hand use to ensure the operator’s protection. There is a guarantee of no over-heating since the motor is provided with thermal safety device. Motor can transmit with 350 A silver pin.
F3 CL30 steel parts of the hydraulic kit have been sandblasted before. Later it was treated with hexacrylic electrocathaporesis. All the materials used in all Anthony Liftgates had conformed and passed the EC standards. Before the product is delivered, it is already tested and completely assembled and already mounted to the chassis by bolting.