F3 CO 10

The Column Models – F3 CO 10 of Anthony Liftgates has a capacity of 2,200 lbs with bed height of 51.0” to 55” and standard platform size of 96” x 64.5”. The platform is available in aluminum or sun blasted; primer coated steel finish in two coatings of polyurethane varnish. To prevent platform from wear, the wheels are made with Teflon.
Like any Anthony lift gate products, platform of F3 CO 10 has powered opening with automatic hydraulic tilt to the ground. It can tilt in all positions. The three adjustable positions of tail-lift arms against equipment can stop mechanically. The rear bumper is supported by a pre-assembled control box and is factory welded on the main beam of the tail-lift. Since it has a self-lubricating bushings and cataphoresis-treated pin, no annoying friction is expected.
F3 C0 10 is equipped with external control box and the control panel is illuminated so it can easily be seen even in the dark. The control is amazingly does not have any electronic components. The two-hand use is an assurance for the protection of the operator. No over-heating of the motor because of its thermal safety device and it can transmit with 350 A silver pin, in peak current. For safety and protection the battery cable is supplied with inline circuit.
You have the preference in mounting of plates. You can have it welded by the assembler or have it fastened to the semi-trailer frame. Materials of F3 CO 10 conforms to the EC standards. It is completely assembled and tested before it is delivered to the end users. You will find other accessories of F3 CO 10: the waning lights; lock handle and automatic roll stops.