F3 IV 050

F3 IV 050 is one of the Anthony’s Light Commercial Models. This classic kind of tail-lift has been designed and intended for bodied chassis cab vehicle. For every type of vehicle there are corresponding dedicated mounting brackets that are available. It is simple and easy to assemble and does not necessitate any modification or adjustment to the chassis.
F3 IV 050 has a capacity of 706 lbs with bed height of up to 32.6”. The platform is made of aluminum alloy and its size is 31.5” W x 49.25” D. The platform can incline to the ground through mechanical hydraulic tilting and it tilt in any positions. Its opening has a single-acting tilting cylinder and spring.
The compact power pack is equipped with: closing seal, one single-acting lifting cylinder that is complete with lubricant and one single-acting tilting cylinder. Each cylinder is protected because it has built-in safety solenoid valves. No contaminants can pass through the tank since it has air filter.
It has an external control box, an illuminated control panel that glows in the dark so it can be located easily. There is an available key for cut-off switch and the control has no electrical components. The two-hand use is provided for the operator to ensure their safety during the operation. You can expect that the motor will not over heat because it is provided with thermal safety device. The motor can transmit with 80 A silver pin. The battery cable is well protected with the inline circuit protection.
The F3 IV 050 can be quickly installed with ease with its individual mounting brackets for every van. The materials are acceptable and conform to EC standards. It is completely assembled and tested and mounted to the chassis by bolting.