F3 RE 032

Anthony’s F3 RE 032, is an under chassis retractable tail-lift with electric stowage and operation is especially designed for light commercial panel vans. The mounting brackets are accessible for every type of vehicle. It is easy, quick and simple to assemble so there is no need to change, adjust and modify to the chassis. It has a capacity of 705 lbs., with platform size of 31” W x 43” D.
The F3 RE 032 equipment’s platform is made of aluminum alloy that overlay on steel frame with fixed front ramp. To ensure safety, the battery has a device that can be disconnected in the key main switch. It is also equipped with toe guard protection bridge plate.
The internal control is provided with spiral cable. It has an illuminated control panel that can easily be seen and located even during dark hours. There is no risk of overheating of motor due to its thermal safety device and the motor can pass on with 80 A silver pin in high current. The battery cable is provided with inline protection.
Installation can easily be facilitated because it has individual mounting brackets that are intended for every van. Bolted brackets are adjustable. The materials of F3 RE 032 equipment are all in conformity with EC standards. The steel pins used are made of hard chromium-plated. No risk of aggravating friction because it has self-lubricating bushings. There is no need to repaint since before it is delivered to the end users, the equipment is completely assembled and tested and is mounted to the chassis by bolting. It has radio control and hinged ramp/stop that serve as accessories.