F3 RE 30 HS

F3 RE 30 HS has a retractable tail-lift which is best for distribution vehicle because of its worth and adaptability, platform is large enough that make it convenient and easy to use. This tail-lift can be stored under the vehicle making it perfect for dock loading and is accessible for trucks and semi-trailers. It has a capacity of 6,600 lbs with bed height maximum of 64.0” and platform size of 98.4” w x 77.7” d.
The platform is available in aluminum alloy. Because of its Teflon wheels, it prevents platform wear making it last longer. Tail-lift can be deployed through high precision chrome-plated guides. The automatic hydraulic tilting of platform to ground can be done without trouble. The control box is previously assembled making it easier to install. The type-approved tail-lift is provided as rear bumper.
Hydraulic characteristics of F3 RE 30HS is equipped with closing seal which is compacted together making it sound proof. All electrical connections are made with modular extractable board. Electrical board can fit to any type and kind of connection through keyed connectors. The two-single acting tilt cylinders and lifting cylinders are both endowed with lubrication so there is a less chance of annoying friction. All cylinders are protected with rubber coverings or gaiters. Every cylinder has a built-in solenoid valves that serve as regulator.
So that the external control box can easily be located, the control panel is made of illuminated materials. The control has no electrical components or mechanism. The two hand use is provided to guarantee the safety of the operator. No over-heating of motor because it is provided with thermal safety device. Proximity switches for automatic positioning of tail lift without delay.
The materials of F3 RE 30HS are all in conformity to EC standards.