Gas Bottle Liftgate

The Magnum Railtrac Gas Bottle Liftgate has two models: the MRT 3500 GB-SF and the MRT 4500 GB-SF. They have standard features and specifications except for their lifting capacities. The MRT 3500 GB-SF has lifting capacity of 3,500 lbs. while the MRT 4500 GB-SF has 4,500 lbs lifting capacity. Both have dual pump and motors and Self-Lubricating Runners with lifetime warranty since it has no rollers or bearings
The platform has a “Bar Grating” style that can endure intense heavy loads and be able for the snow and ice to pass through. It has built-in lights so stop; tail and back-up lights are all fixed and incorporated. Two batteries are housed in a galvanealed steel power unit enclosure. One Up-Down and Open-Close toggle switch control station is mounted outside the curb side column while the other UP-Down control travels with curbside inner runner.
It has a circuit breaker of 150 ampere. Power pack electrical connections are enclosed in a separate weather-proof box. To ensure safety of its electrical, heat-shrink wire connections are installed. All Anthony Liftgates have met the TMC electrical standards and practices.
Magnum Railtrac Gas Bottle Liftgates are hydraulically controlled for easy opening and closing of platforms. Since the gear type flow divider controls platform levelness, there is no need for adjustment. The standard 5/16” thickness of the runner columns can hold out dock contacts and the additional ½ “ thick plate protects the overlaying runner columns in dock contact area. Its low-pour hydraulic fluid ensures superior performance even under harsh cold weather conditions.
Anthony creates only quality liftgates so consumers are certain that there is only minimal need for maintenance or repair. But in case of part breakage, they can supply you with parts to put your liftgate into its normal operation.