LoadBlazer, a commercial grade pick up truck liftgate and a unique stabilizer beam with 3 inch, ll gauge tubular steel beams that connect two lift arms, balancing heavy loads and practically eliminating side to side shifting. The twin hydraulic cylinders provide direct drive lifting power, uniformly, at each side. There are no lifting cables or chains to maintain and wear out.
The platform has Lifting capacity of 1,500 lbs. and 50” W x 41” D and additional 6” for the loading ramp. It has an accessible two hole for spare tire at the rear frame. The positive electrical connections are equipped with heat-shrink connectors and anti-rotation terminals. It has a Leading Edge Pivots Upward for easy access to the power unit when gate is in UP position. Power unit is accessible through a steel panel on top of rear bumper housing and it can easily inspect the fluid level through the clear-view hydraulic reservoir.

The Marine-Duty Potted Switch ensures that the terminals and wire connections are bonded together for permanent insulation and corrosion protection. The circuit protection upholds the truck wiring and power system in case of a “dead short”. The LoadBlazer can fit for most full-size Ford, GM, Dodge trucks and other utility bodies.
LoadBlazer has low operating pressure that provides extended service life of power unit, cylinder seals, battery and hoses. The sealed hydraulic system is a guarantee that the equipment is protected from outside dirt, moisture and dust. LoadBlazer has premium finish because all parts are shot-blasted and the whole liftgate is powder coated to a premium gloss black finish. It has two years warranty on mechanical parts and one year on hydraulic system.

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