Magnum Railtrac

Since l941, Anthony Liftgates, Inc. has been known as a powerful force in the industry for creating quality products and pioneering designs for trucks. You can always depend on all their models with the best warranty in the business. Anthony Magnum Railtrac is one of their offerings that you can rely with its performance, value and dependability. It provides a longer service life because of its dual pump and motor hydraulic drive system. Each unit operate as a support to the other, so you no longer need for an auxiliary pump and motor. It has a power unit assembly of 2-part galvaneal steel with powdered coated assembly. The pumps and motors are separated so that it can be accessible for any adjustments.
Anthony Magnum Railtrac has lifetime warranty since it has no rollers or roller bearings that will wear out and be replaced sparing you to spend money for repairs. The Zero Leak Concept will mean a trouble-free service; the factory installed hydraulic fluid would provide its best performance even during cold weather and the Weather-Tight Connectors, a triple-ribbed silicone sealed plugs which is designed for hard-hitting applications can endure exposure to too much temperature and moisture.
Anthony Magnum Railtrac’s with Self-Aligning Cylinder Attachments can avoid damage to cylinder pistons and internal wall scoring from the platform side loading. A Cable Carrier that holds both the wires from the travelling switch and hose protect them while they bend in the usual rising and lowering of the platform. The composite bushings that extend pin and arm life and get rid of routine lubrication is used at crucial pivot points.