PCR 2500 94GB

Magnum Railtrac Gas Bottle Liftgate is recommended for medium duty straight truck application. The PCR 2500 94GB has lifting capacity of 2,500 pounds. It has strong bar grating platform and it is transparent for the driver‘s better visibility and it also allows the ice and snow to fall through. It has a power close platform operation wherein the non-hydraulic opening and closing is easy in addition to the latches that it automatically engages when platform is raised. The platform maintains the ride that is level with truck’s rear. The platform and rack are shot blast/powder coated for protection and nice looking appearance. The rearward folding rack is a standard feature of Magnum Railtrac Gas Bottle Liftgate for unobstructed access to rear of truck body on 42” or higher bed height trucks.
The Magnum Railtrac Gas Bottle Liftgate has lifetime trouble-free service. All the hydraulic components are accommodated in one compartment and protected from impact, theft, vandalism, debris and weather. The pressure compensated flow valve provides continuous and controlled lowering speed whether it is loaded or not. The 2 + 2 warranty provides two years warranty on mechanical components and two years on labor, hydraulic system and parts.
The marine duty sealed toggle switch allows operating under any kind of weather conditions. The system can also operate at lower pressure with the help of the large bore double-weight hydraulic cylinder thus increasing the life of the components. The chrome-plated piston rod maintains the uncovered surface free of rust and contamination to safeguard the seals and extend service life.
Anthony’s PCR 2500 94 GB has the ZLC or the Zero Leak Concept due to its usage of machined fittings SAE “O” rings and the JIC hydraulic connections.