Tuckaway Tail Lift

As one of the Anthony Liftgates, Inc. inventions, REP is designed to meet up the latest requirements of the installer and customer or purchaser. The REP folding tail lifts are perfect for distribution, vehicles for docking work and for vehicle rental companies. It is very light and compact and recommended for vehicles weighing more than 7 tons. The platform is made of aluminum alloy with automatic mechanical lift to ground. Platform angle can be adjusted manually. The tail lift has 4 rear bumpers which is already factory-welded on the main assembly. The rear bumper is bolted to tile arms which are a standard feature of Anthony lift gates. The chrome-plated pins and bushes are self-lubricating so there is no risk of friction.
REP/1 Tuckaway Tail-Lift has quality hydraulic mechanism with one single-acting lift cylinder with lubrication; tank equipped with air filter and a safety solenoid valves on the cylinder is already incorporated. The tank has air filter as protector against contaminants and a flow adjuster to allow downward movements.
The external control box is waterproof and already fixed to the body. The control has no electronic components and control panel is illuminated for easy access during night use. It is equipped with two hand use to ensure the safety of the operator. No over heating of motor since it has a thermal safety device and the motor can convey with a 350 A silver pin.
The REP/1 is available with one type of arm with a distance of 24 3/8” between the centers. The assembly plates are already fastened and are welded by the assembler. The product has an attractive finish, materials had met the EC standards, and pins are all chrome-plated steel and have self-lubricating bushes.