Eagle Liftgates

Manufacturer of Quality Hydraulic Liftgates

Eagle Lift is one of the leading and best manufacturers of hydraulic liftgates for the truck equipment industry. It offers numerous models and lifting capacities to meet service needs in the liftgate industry featuring their cable lifts and direct drive lifts. The hydraulic liftgates they offer will fit to various models of trucks such as light and medium duty trucks, stake bodies, utility bodies, service bodies, full size pickups and hi-cube vans.

Their Liftgate capacities range from 1,000 to 2,000 pounds and 34 to 38 inches maximum bed to ground travel.  Eagle Lift’s hard work and dedication has made them reach more than 75 years of experience in the truck equipment industry and all their products are backed by a three-year limited warranty.  Eagle Lift designed quality lift gates to lessen the requirement for physical manpower.

Eagle Lift moved to 3501 South 11th Street in Council Bluffs IA where they performed their business operation.  It has a state-of-the art facility where they will apply acrylic e-coat topcoats.  They ensure that each liftgate will be given hard-wearing and long-lasting topcoat finish that will offer substantial corrosion resistance and complete coverage.  To guarantee that all Eagle Liftgates will have an appealing appearance and durable coating,

All Eagle liftgates will undergo a 12-stage electrocoat dip-tank finishing system.  After a systematic multi-tank cleaning process, the liftgates are pre-coated with zinc phosphate.  After they are immersed in an acrylic electro-deposition tank, they will be given a high-gloss black acrylic topcoat.  The liftgates are then transferred to the bake oven and totally cured at 375ºF.

All Eagle Liftgates are delivered to the end users fully assembled, tested, with improved appearance and more durable.