46” Series

46” Series Service Body Cable Liftgates

Eagle Liftgate’s 46” Series Service Body Cable Liftgates has lifting capacity of 1,600 pounds.  It has maximum bed height travel to ground of 46 inches. The power source can be activated by turning “On” the parking lights. Remember that the liftgate will not operate if the parking lights are not in the “ON” position.  To prevent unauthorized operation of the liftgate, the parking lights should be turned off. The battery and the electrical system is protected by means of the 150-amp heavy-duty circuit breaker with manual reset. The vehicle is wired by means of the licence plate light wires on the truck.

The control is mounted high enough on the outside of the upright so as not to be reached by small children.  A 3-way toggle switch is provided to control the gate and return to neutral position.

All hydraulics is thoroughly covered in the housing of the liftgate protecting it in any weather conditions. The built-in relief valve of the electric/hydraulic power thwarts overloading of the liftgate while rising. The in-line flow control valve on the cylinder manages the speed of the oil coming out of the cylinder. Then the oil will return to the reservoir when the liftgate is lowered during loading operations.

The liftgate platform of E-46-64SB is 62 inches wide by 36 inches deep with tapered edge including a 9 inches fold-out extension and tapered ramp.  The reinforced single-wall platform has a 12 ga. TPX load skin; and three (l-pc. 12 ga.) internal reinforcing channels that run the platform’s full width.

Drop-away platform: platform of liftgate will drop-away for easy dock and fork lift loading direct into the bed truck. The liftgate platform will fall-away for easy docking and fork lift loading directly to the bed truck. Gates are painted in black e-coat topcoat.