48” – 50” Series

48” – 50” Series “Double Eagle” Liftgates (1300 & 1600 lb capacity)

Eagle Lift Liftgates manufacturers of quality hydraulic liftgates and offers a variety of models and lifting capacities for service needs.  The 48” – 50” Series “Double Eagle” is both a liftgate and a dump-thru tailgate and comes into two lifting capabilities wherein there are three models in each capacity.  These series are made for 2-3 yard dump bodies and 3-4 yard dump bodies and for small platform dumps.

The 48” series has a maximum 48 inches bed height while the 50” series has a maximum 50 inches bed height.  To operate the liftgate, you have to turn the vehicle’s parking lights to “ON” position so that the electrical system can be activated. The battery and electrical system on the vehicle is protected by a 150-amp heavy duty circuit breaker.  Unauthorized operation of liftgate can be prevented when the parking lights is in “OFF” position.

The control switch is safely mounted on the curbside of the truck.  It is mounted high enough in order not to be reach by small children.  A three-way toggle switch controlled the gate and automatically returns to neutral position upon release.  All hydraulics is fully enclosed in the liftgate housing for protection from weather.

The liftgate housing is composed of 8 ga. steel front 10 ga.  steel rear and the upright housing with 10 ga. upright steel. No need to oil or grease all the composite bushings.  Snap rings are used to retain pins for pulleys, lift cables, cylinder trunnion and lift arms for a more convenient accessibility.