Cable Type

Cable Type (Lift Gates for Pickups) Models: E-38-60/E38-58; Model E38-64

You can safely transport your ever priced vehicle with the use of lift gates.  Modern lift gates usually feature hydraulic lift gates that keep your car horizontal while loading.  Hydraulic lift gates work like elevators so you can be sure that your car will remain totally level during the loading and unloading process.  Eagle Lift liftgates provides you with their exclusive wireless remote activation system.  This system lessens the chance of unauthorized operation of the lift gate. The lift gate is equipped with audible safety alarm that is activated every time it is being raised.  The platform cover is made of exclusive ABS plastic that improves the appearance and durability of Eagle Lift Liftgates.

The Cable Type Liftgates for Pickups which has 1000 pound capability are Models E38-60/E38-58, E38-64 and can be applied to full size 1988-97 Chevrolet and GMC, l995-97 Dodge, l997 Ford F-150 and F-250 (light duty) and l994 Dodge for E38-58.

Model E38-64 can fit to Chevrolet and GMC through l987, Ford through l996-l997, Ford F-250 (heavy duty) and F-350, Dodge through l993.

Cable Type Liftgates for Pickups with 1,000 pound capability has curbside spring-loaded control handle that automatically return to neutral. A high degree of controllability of the loaded platform is attained through use of manual control handle and the in-line flow control valve. For reduced cable wear, all the pivot points and large pulleys are equipped with maintenance-free bronze bushings.  All gates are painted in black prime except for those with ABS plastic cover. Cable Type Liftgates is provided with a quick-release and sure-hold safety locks that ensure the gate safety when in stored position.