Direct Lift Type

Direct Lift Type (Lift Gates for Pickups) Models: EDL-60/EDL-58; EDL-64

With the modern lift gates that are now available in the market, you can have your job done easily.  Eagle Lift Liftgates designed powerful lift gates that will do the hard work for you.  No more sliding of loads to and fro.  Choose a lift gate company like Eagle Lift that is veteran when it comes to creating quality lift gates.

Eagle Lift Direct Lift Type Models: EDL-60/EDL-58 and EDL-64 has 1300 pound capability. It has a 38” bed height travel to ground with full 30” W x 52” D + 3” taper platform weighing 490 pounds.  Model EDL-60 can fit l988-97 Chevrolet

and GMC, l995-97 Dodge, l997 Ford F-150 and F-250 (light duty) and l994 Dodge for EDL-58 while Model EDL-64 can be applied and fit to Chevrolet and GMC through l987, Ford through l996-97, Ford F-250 (heavy duty) and F-350 and with Dodge through l993.

The Eagle Lift Direct Type with l, 300 lbs. capacity is equipped with curbside up and down toggle control switch. Bronze bushings at all arm pivot points are saturated with oil so no risk of rust or annoying friction.  Eagle lift gate usually does not extend below the pickup frame so there is still allowance for the use of a receiver-type hitch.  Safety locks can be easily released and stay in stored position keeping the gate secured. An exclusive wireless remote activation system is provided to minimize the possibility of unauthorized operation of the lift gate. A special ABS plastic that covers the platform makes it more durable and attractive. With the exception of platform covered with ABS cover, all gates are painted in black prime.

You can choose along with these models a 6” or 12” fold-out extension with ramp, light kits, bumper package, grated load deck or tread plate load deck.