Double Eagle

Double Eagle Liftgates

EagleLift Liftgates offers the Double Eagle Liftgates that doubles as a dump gate.  It offers both liftgate and double-action dump gate operation.  It is equipped with single lever that conveniently frees the bottom of the liftgate platform for dump-through operation.  A locking strip with full-width and lever-operated protects the gate and forms a seal between the dump body and the liftgate.  Double Eagle builds new application for 2-3 and 3-4 yard dump bodies and small platform dumps.

Only Double Eagle can offer the security and safety of a dump-through liftgate during the operation.  The manual control lever allows “feathering” every time the liftgate lowers its load.  Greater lifting efficiency extends its service life and lessened the battery load.  Installations are done with ease and without delay.  All the hydraulics and key electrical connections are completely enclosed thus they are protected in any kind of weather conditions. The safety locks can easily be released and stay in place keeping the gate well protected.

To prevent overloading, Double Eagle is provided with heavy-duty electric hydraulic pump with built-in relief valve and the high-pressure industrial cylinder with chrome-plated shaft are completely enclosed for protection and security.  The handle can automatically return to neutral. A high degree of controllability of loads is achieved with the use of manual control handle and the in-line flow control valve.

Power cut-off system is integrated with vehicle light switch and a circuit breaker of l50 ampere is incorporated in the liftgates. The single wall reinforced platform has l2 gauge smooth steel loading surface with anti-skid tape for safety and protection from sliding.