Grade E-Coat Top Coat Protection

Eagle Lift, one of the leading manufacturers of liftgates globally offers the E-Coat Top Protection on their products.  Eagle Lift provides E-Coat Top protection to their lift gates to make it more durable, corrosion resistant and have attractive appearance. Their lift gates undergo a 12 step paint process for ultimate rust protection.

Eagle Lift make certain that every lift gates, to achieve an ultimate rust protection has passed several steps in paint processing. First the lift gate is systematically cleaned in a series of four baths making it spotless and dirt-free. Subsequently, the lift gate is pre-treated with a phosphate conversion coating in preparation for the electro coating.

Subsequent to the zinc bath, the lift gate is then dipped completely in a high gloss black acrylic paint bath wherein direct current is applied between the counter electrodes and the lift gate.  The paint is then attracted by the electric field to the lift gate so that every exposed steel and parts are completely coated with paint. After the lift gate is painted, it will be rinsed and reprocess any undeposited paint solids to make sure that it has a smooth finish.  At this stage, it has already attained almost 100% paint efficiency which is done in an environmentally friendly procedure.

The lift gate will then be transferred to the oven and baked it for more than one hour at a 365%F.  The lift gate painting is over and done after the baking stage. After the 12 step process in painting is done, the lift gate is already  smooth, corrosion-free and attractive.