Platform Options

If you want additional components, devices or implements for your Eagle lift gates, you have some options to consider.  If you want to make your platform more durable and protected, then you can consider the Optional Rhino Linings’ Tuff Stuff Polyurethane.  This can be done by forming a permanent bond with the surface of your platform making it airtight and watertight. The Linings’ Tuff Stuff Polyurethane will prevent the platform from corrosion, surface abrasion and rust.  It can be easily cleaned, prevents crack and can withstand even under worst conditions.  Due to its non-abrasive, non-skid surface texture you can be sure that your platform load will always be in place.

Another option is the Optional Aluminum Platform made of high grade aluminum.  This kind of platform has high corrosion resistance and provides strength and durability.  The appearance of your lift gate is improved with the rugged 3/16” thick tread plate loading surface and remarkably weighs almost 35% less than steel.  It requires no painting and the aluminum surface is rust resistant.  With the optional 11” flip-over tapered extension it is great for larger cargo.

Optional Zinc electroplating protection properties is comparable to the hot dip galvanizing without dulling.  Zinc plating is cost-effective and more durable coating solution.  The zinc plating provides an excellent corrosion resistance and durability.  In addition to that, you will find a bright and attractive finish that improves the appearance of your platform.

The Grip Stuff Platform provides you a safely grated airflow platform.  This kind of platform is ideal for tire bodies.  The fold-out extension is a popular option for 38” Series and EDL Series.  It converts the 27” to a 36” deep platform on the 38” series while the 30” can be converted to a 39” deep platform on the EDL Series.