Service and Maintenance

To keep your Eagle lift gates in good shape and in good working condition, you should have your lift checked and examined every three months and change engine oil.  See to it that all the precautionary measures and standard service is done regularly.  See to it that all pins and retaining rings are changed when damaged, wear out and missing. Inspect regularly all pins, retaining rings. Shaft, bolts, roll pins and nuts are in good condition and in their proper places.  Always examine all welds for cracks and fatigue and if there is damage, repair welds as required or propose to bring to an authorized Eagle Lift distributor.

Check the oil level if it is just about 1 inch below top of the reservoir tank with cylinder fully retracted. Reservoir should be filled with ISO grade 32 hydraulic oil.  In case of cold weather condition, use special high viscosity oil.  Regular inspections are needed for fittings, pump assembly, hoses and cylinder for any possible leakage and have it repaired or replaced as possible.

Examine all electrical connections for probable damage, corrosion and tightness.  Make repairs as required.  Check for proper connections, corrosion and tightness of battery terminals. Battery cell fluid levels should be in accordance of the manufacturer’s instructions.

Be aware and sensitive for the safety features of your lift gate.  When gate is lifting you will hear a warning alarm sounds. Parking lights should be in “ON” position for the gate to operate and be sure to shut the parking lights “OFF” after using it.  The safety storage latches hold lift gate platform in place.  All decals are in place and undamaged.