Holland Lift Gates

Holland Brand Means Quality Liftgates

Holland has made known to the public that its liftgate line will be promoted, advertised and identified as the Holland product.
On top of this, the liftgate product line will be given additional focal point, benefits coming from SAF-Holland’s engineering, customer support, distribution and network of sales.

Since l981, SAF-Holland has designed and manufactured quality liftgates in Canada but it is originally under the
Truck Master brand and in recent times under the Holland brand. Holland had already been creating and constructing lift gates for cold
weather operations and for heavy-duty services. These liftgates have been used by fleets all over Canada for several years already.

Since then, Holland product lines had included quite a lot of different models of durable and quality hydraulic column lift and fold-away liftgates.
All Holland’s lift gates are backed by standard 3-year warranty and additional extended warranty packages. The extended 5-year warranty is offered to
augment and increase the warranty coverage from three years to five years benefiting all its customers. It also proves that all the liftgates’ materials and components
are made from quality materials and will last even in worst operations and conditions.

All Holland lift gates coated with Black Armour are supported by a three-year corrosion warranty. The Black Armour has advanced corrosion protection which is a standard
feature on all Holland’s lift gates. Black Armour reacts with any metal that oxidizes, so a protective layer is produced which is ten times more resistant to
water than the coatings of a swimming pool. Black Armour can be used as an additional top coat or can take the place of a matte finish coat.