DH Series

Direct Hydraulic

DH Liftgate

DH (Direct Hydraulics)

Holland Lift gates continuously provide unwavering and dependable performance.  All lift gates of Holland have the modern and pioneering designs that provide a safe and straightforward product that is long-lasting yet economical.  The company have full line of liftgates that can meet different application requirements and varying capacities.

The DH or the Direct Hydraulic series is the flagship of Holland and it standout in their lift gate line. This is specially designed for easy maintenance that lessens costly breakdowns.   DH is a column liftgate with hot dip galvanizing or the standard Black Armour coating that gives superior metal corrosion protection. Black Armour which chemically bonds with metal serves as protection that is resistant to anti-icing chemicals and water.

DH series comes standard for 102”-wide mounting that goes with trailer installation packages as well as battery enclosures and pump.  It is also equipped with a new hydraulic pump for better performance.  DH series is available on the 4,500, 5,500 and 6,600 pound capacities and selection of ramp configurations and platform sizes.

The DH Series is a heavy-duty, quiet-operation and rugged liftgate that includes standard features such as:  the power up/power; power open/power close; twin motor power pack; platform chain and flatness adjustment; built-in recessed tail lights for protection from damage. A patented design is incorporated in this versatile and hard-wearing lift gate to guarantee years of easy and straightforward operation. The inner and outer rails are created to remove lift easily. It guarantees a level lift not withstanding the system voltage, weather condition and load position.  The proprietary material of its 5” rollers maintain its flexibility in -58ºF and run in a greaseless trail.