High Performance Liftgates

Those who need transporting equipments and heavy loads, will find that liftgates can help them make lifting objects easier. Liftgates are another options made by fleets to increase efficiency in loading and unloading operations.  Lift gates offer drivers to deliver magnitude of loads in less time than do it manually.  The use of a liftgate can minimize the chance of cargo damaging; eliminate the need for aids thus reducing injuries caused by heavy lifting and at the same time lessen the chance of compensation claims of workers. Holland USA start offering two versatile Truck Master liftgate series in the United States.

Holland’s Truck Master created the DH Series of Direct Hydraulic Twin Column lift gates with 4,500, 5,500 and 6,600 pound capacities.  It feature a level-ride system that guarantees the liftgate complete its phase during off-centre loading and low voltage conditions.

Another offering of Holland that features the level-ride technology are Holland TL Series, the heavy-duty foldaway liftgates with 4,000 and 5,000 pound capabilities.  Also the Truck Master TL4000 and TL5000 series which have extra-large 88 inches flat “zero taper” wedge platform which are created for utilizing heavy loads.

From Holland’s line of product, TG Single Cylinder Series fold-away liftgate has superior quality and has a capability of 2,500 pounds that is useful for both truck and trailer applications.  The TG Dual Cylinder Model has the standard features of TG Single Cylinder Series.  TG Dual Cylinder Series has 2,500, 3000 and 3,500 pound capacities.

One of the best options from Holland is the Holland TE Series which is inexpensive yet durable and dependable, qualities typical for a Holland lift gate. You will find that elevating important and large objects that would be difficult to handle physically will be done without hassle by utilizing Holland liftgates.