Options and Accessories

Options and Accessories for DH,TG,TL Series

Hot-dip Galvanization:  The entire lift gate can have a complete hot-dip galvanization including pump/battery box and mounting brackets for corrosion protection and durability.  It is a process wherein the steel will pass through a molten bath of zinc to coat the steel at hot temperature.  When the zinc reacts with oxygen and carbon dioxide, it will have strong bonded coating that can prevent corrosion and can protect the steel from the elements.  Galvanized coatings protect steel in three ways like: coating helps prevents sideway rust creep, it can protect small areas of steel that has been exposed through accidental damage, and zinc weathers at a very slow rate thus providing a long life.

Dual Foot Activated Cart Stops:  This can provide a simple and competent way to keep your load safe and secure on the lift gate platform.  This can be done by just simply pushing a lever, then the cart stops, rise up from the platform providing additional security.

Dock Seal Headers for DH Series:   This is available for both trailer and truck installations.  This optional dock seal headers can provide safety and security from outdoor climates during dock loading and unloading

Tail Light Options for TL and TG Series: Tail lights options has weld-on or bolt-on post mounted light boxes, 5” steps with completely integrated recessed tail lights including light guards and 5” step prepped for ready-to-install tail lights.  Tail lights are obtainable in Led or Incandescent be configured for truck or trailer applications.

Auxiliary Dual Pump/Motor System for TL and TG Series:  One pump/motor provides power while the second provides power-down putting into effect both power units and keeping both unites functional and lubricated.  In case of power failure, it can be switched from dual pump mode to choose the single pump to supply lift gate power.