TG Dual Cylinder Series

TG Dual Cylinder Series Fold-Away Liftgates

TG Dual Series Lift Gate

TG Dual Series Lift Gate

Holland’s TG Dual Cylinder Series is available in 2,500; 3,000 and 3,500 pounds capacities. Holland is one of the leaders in manufacturing economical and quality liftgates that will last for years of operations.  TG Dual Cylinder series fold-away liftgate is designed to fit both trailer and truck applications.  It has a standard 88” wide platform intended for 102” and 96” wide vehicles.  It can also be mounted without even a deck extension for flush mount.

TG Dual Cylinder Series has standard features that include the following:  Grease Zerks at all pivot connections that ensures easy rotating and turning; Heavy Duty Platform equipped with Easy Pitch Adjustment;  the Lift Cylinder Rods are Chromed-plated for wear resistance and corrosion; Cross Members are sealed and undercoated; Power-Up/Power-Down and Dual Pump and Motor System.

Holland’s TG Series provides heavy-duty platform made from thick checker plate to ensure durability.  It has the widest platform at 88” and can easily adjust for pitch.  The wide spaced lift arms are built from heavy wall tubing that can stand even tough operations.  The dual-acting cylinders are strong enough to even out heavy loads as well as offsetting loads.  During vehicle shipment, the platform loads and contents are secured and protected because of its dual lock latches.

With the integration of the dual torsion springs, operation can be accomplished smoothly and efficiently as well as a trouble-free platform folding even in a worst atmosphere and surroundings. Holland’s TG Series is also backed by Black Armour Metal Treatment wherein all steel surfaces can ensure superior metal corrosion protection.  Black Armour chemically bonds with metal that forms a protective layer making it water-resistant.