TL Series

Level-Ride Fold-Away Liftgates

TL Liftgate by Holland

TL Liftgate

Holland’s TL Series are built to stand out and shine even in any difficult and uncompromising environments.  This premium, heavy-duty, fold-away liftgates have already proven and established its performance in Canadian winters for decades.  A variety of standard features has been incorporated in this series in addition to its patented and proprietary solutions providing years of economical operation and trouble-free service. This level ride fold-away lift gate has a 4000 and 5000 pounds capabilities.

The standard features of TL Series comprises of the following:  Dual Pump & Motor System, Sealed and Undercoated Cross Members, Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valves, Power Up/Power Down and Nitrided Cylinder Rods Encased in Precision Honed Cylinders.
The TL Series which is designed for trailer and truck applications is equipped with standard 88” wide platform fitted to 102” and 96” wide vehicles.  An installation kit is available for semi-trailer, pup-trailer and truck as well as a plus custom fit kits for exceptional applications.  It can also be installed even with no deck extension for flush mount.

It is one of the liftgates that have the widest platform in the industry. The wide-stance “H”-style of the lightweight extruded aluminum platform gives greater consistency and at the same time steadying and balancing heavy and off-set loads. The exceptionally rugged bi-fold hinge design is attributed to its full-width, heavy-duty pins.  The Black Armour metal treatment even makes it durable and protected from water and anti-icing chemicals.  The Dual Torsion Springs are incorporated to provide easy platform folding and smooth operation.  A suitable open/close handle is included in the 61” platforms.  For prolonged existence and durability, a composite bearing is also integrated.

A Warranty Protection is also available in all Holland liftgates.