Why Holland Lift Gates

Holland Liftgates Protected by Black Armour

One of the best features of Holland Liftgates is the Black Armour, a metal protection that is created to bring reliability, durability and superior performance of its lift gates.  Generally Holland lift gates provide standard features such as power up/power down, power open/power close convenience, undercoated and sealed platforms and dual pump and motor back-up systems.  To maintain the standard features of its liftgates, Holland make certain that all the parts that need to be protected are coated with Black Armour, a coating made to react with any metal that oxidizes. Actually Black Armour is a base coating that meets a recommended performance feature.
Black Armour destroy corrosion and causes steel to grow a new protective layer that is several times more resistant to water compared to a swimming pool coating.  It has a corrosion package that under no circumstances allows it not to shrink and also has the ability to pack together.  This means that if it happened to get thumped or struck hard it won’t break and it will remain intact.  With Black Armour’s corrosion protection, Holland lift gates will survive many years of productive performance.   With Black Armour, Holland lift gates will remain reliable, durable and carry out superior performance for years.

Black Armour can also be top coated with any paint and it will no longer require pre-sanding. For those components that are already existing can be fixed up and renewed in a cost-effective way. Holland’s Black Armour treatment can be applied as corrosion prevention for truck bodies, trailer frames, trailer door frames, lift gates and others.