Leyman Lift Gates

Leyman Manufacturing Corporation was founded in l940. For over 60 years the corporation has been manufacturing durable all-hydraulic lift gates. Throughout this time, Leyman products have grown and developed as industry standards. Some of Leyman’s product innovations comprise the all-hydraulic rail style, the heavy duty 12 volt D.C. motors increased motor lift, the emergency hand pump, the colour coded wiring, the starter solenoids which record lift gate usage, and the additional lifting capacities of more than 10,000 pounds.
Leyman continue to design quality lift gates for the benefits of their customers. Leyman’s commitment to its customers provides them to create lift gates that surpass their delivery requirements.
It begins as a material handing systems and hydraulic lift gate builder in the year 1960. It was in 1965 when Leyman introduced the first rail style design in the world, all-hydraulic lift gate with 6,000 pound capabilities without cables or pulleys. In the same year, all-hydraulic Ley-Vador was also introduced with 6,000 lbs. capacity in which to date, capacities for Ley-Vador range from 4,000 to 10,000 pounds. Year l970 when Leyman’s national distributorship program begins and design the first hydraulic rail style with 4,000 lbs. capacity emerges.
In l970 Leyman decided to drop material handling systems and concentrated on the growing hydraulic lift gate business. In year 1981 the introduction of TLS (Hide-A-Way trailer side gate, STG (Truck Side Gate) and the addition of 3,000 and 5,000 pounds capacity rail style. Year after year, Leyman were able to come up with quality hydraulic liftgates supported by a strong dealer network. Leyman Lift Gate will continue growing to manufacture, distribute and support various quality hydraulic lift gates.