FDC-AL Fold-A-Vador

Another creation of Leyman Lift Gate is the FDC-A Fold-A-Vador, “The Quality All Hydraulic Lift Gate”. This special rail design keeps rails from bending at docks during dock load position. FDC-AL Fold-A-Vador has the following models: Model FDC-AL 3500; Model FDC-AL 4500; Model FDC-AL 5500 and FDC-AL 6500. These models have standard specifications of 3500, 4500, 5500 and 6500 pounds capabilities. Platform sizes range: 80 inches W x 60 inches D + 12 inches fixed; 80 inches W x 72 inches D + 12 inches fixed and 80 inches W x 84 inches D. Floor heights range from 40 inches to 56 inches.
FDC-AL Fold-A-Vador is primarily used in the following industries: Moving & Storage, Leasing Companies, Dairy, Beverage, Battery, Freight Carriers, Newspaper, Fast Foods, Automotive Parts and Mail Carriers. FDC-AL has standard features that includes: Power Down, Power Close Platform, Power Pack enclosure that holds pump and motor and available space for two batteries, 12 volt d.c. power supply, Marine toggle switch operation, Platform folds between outer masts, Platform bottom stop, Greaseless bushings, Torsion bar assist opening and closing, Reinforced rails, Automatic over the road lock, Floating continuous hinge on platform that prevents sagging and Two hydraulic cylinders that support the lifting. The Maintenance Minder 2 Power Unit, is an excellent feature of Leyman Lift Gates because this has advanced function that can check electrical system even without meters. It can record and measure lift gate performance and its operating data.
Leyman Lift Gate is one of the lift gates’ manufacturers who is after the dependability, durability, superior quality and low maintenance of their products.