FDC-RM Fold-A-Vador

One of the quality lift gates Leyman has produced is the special rail design that keeps rails from bending at docks when it is at dock loading position. Primarily FDC Model is used industries like: Beverage, Freight Carriers, Mail Carriers, Automotive Parts, Fast Foods, Leasing Companies and other industries that is in need of transporting their loads. The FDC-RM Fold-A-
Vador has four models, they are: Model FDC 3500, Model FDC 4500, Model FDC 5500 and Model FDC 6500.
FDC-RM Fold-A-Vador has the following standard features: It has a reinforced rails; a 12 volt D.C. power supply; floating continuous hinge on platform to prevent drooping; greaseless bushings for corrosion protection; torsion bar that support the opening and closing of the lift gate; automatic over the road lock; power unit is equipped with Maintenance Minder 2; marine toggle switch that operates reliably under all types of weather conditions; platform folds between outer masts; two hydraulic cylinders carry out the lifting; a power close platform and power pack enclosure that holds pump, motor and space that will house two batteries.
In unfolding the platform from over-the-road, you have to push the fold and at the same time up the switches to make sure that the gate is fully folded. Push the up switch to relieve tension on to auto lock making the gate go up. Then slowly pull the handle releasing the auto lock. The platform will lower by pushing the down switch until platform ears meet up the slots in outer mast. By pushing the unfold switch, the gate will begin to unfold.