Leyman Lift Gates once again proved that through modern approach, they will continue to dominate the lift gate industry. The LAH & LHLP Hide-A-Way Lift gates can now be installed on trailers with swing doors without altering the door and without adding length to a 53 foot trailers. The Leyman’s LHLP Hide-A-Way, 4400 lb. capacity lift gates has 63 inches deep aluminum platform was produced for a national company with large private fleet.

To ensure that the LHLP lift gates will be able to rise to the top of the trailer floor, the threshold plate was notched for the lifting arms. Besides, the lift gate installer will not have to cut the threshold plate when the gate is installed. This new design will strengthen and even out the threshold plate aside from being aesthetically pleasing. Leyman is truly committed and dedicated to its mission in giving its customers innovative products that will meet their specific needs.
Leyman has again proven that if you work with other companies and you have in mind the benefit of your customers, you will surely create a win-win situation for all the companies involved. Leyman has been in the business for several years now and they were able to produce the first all-hydraulic rail lift gate during the 60’s. Leyman is also a leading supplier to major trailer and truck body manufacturers nationwide. Leyman also operates product distribution facilities in Ohio and New Jersey. With a company like Leyman, you will never go wrong in choosing their lift gates. You can also always be assured of long years of performance of Leyman’s lift gates.