Ley Ley-Vador

Leyman Lift Gate created an all-hydraulic internal lift gate known as LEY. This has less moving parts unlike those lift gate that are now on the market. Since it is internal lift gate, it keeps cargo dry and well protected from weather throughout the operation. Leyman Lift Gate is the only company that has created an internal lift gate with a 10,000 pound capacity. Since the lift gate is installed inside the truck there is no need to attach additional length to the vehicle. LEY is usually used in telephone, beverage, recycled paper and utility industries.
There are three available models of LEY, the LEY 4000, LEY 6000 and the LEY 10000.

These models have multiple safety features. During transportation, it is completely enclosed by over-hear or bi-lateral doors to ensure security and protection. It is also designed to load and unload cargo at locations devoid of dock facilities.
Like any other Leyman lift gates, it has standard features like the Maintenance Minder Power Unit, a l2-volt d.c. power supply, a push button for easy operation, does not have cable or chains, it provides an automatic platform locks, the two hydraulic cylinders do the lifting and on 10000 pounds lift gates it uses four. The primary platform construction is made of steel while the secondary platform construction is made in aluminum. It has a power pack enclosure that holds the pump and motor and available space for two batteries. The major pivot points has bronze bushings and grease fittings. With built-in lights, power line and emergency hand pump.
Its platform sizes range from 83”W x 45”D; 83”W x 60”D; 83”W x 72”D and each of the these models has addition 24” flip.