LHLP Hide-A-Way

The LHLP Hide-A-Way lift gates are available in 4400 and 5500 pound capacity models. It is an all-aluminum bi-fold platform with closing assists spring. The threshold plate for the LHLP 4400 does not add length to the vehicle so you do not have to modify your vehicle. The platform size is up to 63 inches D x 86 inches W. The LHLP 4000 can accommodate a floor height of 45 to 59 inches. It is also equipped with handheld remote control, cart stops, automatic mechanical tilt and greaseless operation. The LHLP 5500 model can be best operated with vehicle with floor heights from 48 to 60 inches. It also has a power down on demand and its platform brackets do not dig into ground when tilting. LHLP Hide-A-Way Series is one lift gate that folds beneath rear of the vehicle.
This latest Hide-A-Way of Leyman Lift Gates provides large platform and higher load capacity. It also includes the auto-tilt feature that is ideal for pallet loading and combination of dock/street delivery. It has also standard engineering augmentations that are created for maximum reliability and dependability.

The LHLP 4400 and LHLP 5500 lift gates are delivered fully assembled and ready for installation to the end users. You can easily install the LHLP because every Leyman’s lift gates is equipped with manual of information where you can easily follow the instructions. For customers who are seeking greater expediency and efficiency of lift gates, then LHLP is the best solution since it is low-maintenance and the platform size is no longer be a problem. Usually the adaptability and flexibility of tuckunder-style gate is usually been compromised due to platform size limit.
There are still more lift gate series and other innovative products that Leyman will introduce to the market.