LTS 2000 Hide-A-Way

The LTS 2000 Hide-A-Way Leyman Truck Side Gate is another creation of Leyman Lift Gate that can provide speedy and easy installation for the installer since you do not have to cut the side of the truck rub rail. Usually LTS is used in the following: Ice Cream, Ice, Bakery and Dairy Industry. LTS 2000 Hide-A-Way has a 2,000 capacity and a platform size of 60 inches wide by 32 inches deep and addition 6 inches fixed taper ramp. Floor heights for 6 inches rub rail is 42 to 52 inches while for 10 inches rub rail is 48 to 56 inches.
LTS has standard features like the Leyman Extreme Shield, an advanced metal treatment that prevents corrosion even in the toughest weather condition and exposure to winter de-icing chemical. It is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders that execute the lifting; level ride platform; bar grated and galvanized platform; the spring and damper support the opening and closing of lift gate; built-in step; grease fittings on all major pivot points that prevents corrosion; power supply with 12 volt d.c; potted toggle switch that can withstand under the harshest weather operation and pump and motor in one power pack enclosure.

You can opt for Maintenance Minder 2, a power unit that has an advanced functions intended to help fleets record and measure lift gate performance as well as the operating data and at the same time protect the gate from any possible damaging conditions. It has also the capability to quickly check electrical system even without meters. Other optional features for LTS is the mud flap; walk around push button; circuit breaker for pump motor and the emergency hand pump.