Leyman Lift Gates has been doing different approach in making their company outstanding. Leyman as one of the leading manufacturers of lift gates establish a strategic partnership with BAR Cargolift, a leading European Gate Manufacturing corporation. Leyman through this new relationship can offer its customers a taste of Europe’s high quality mobile lifting systems technologies. It is the latest in a series of agreements that put the company as the exclusive source of immeasurable range of steel and aluminum lift gate technologies which is favoured worldwide.
According to Leyman president, “Fleets are best served by suppliers who have global view when it comes to new technologies and challenges”.

Leyman Lift Gates have worked very hard for a very long period of time to build up and grow these new relationships so that they can establish exclusive rights to the latest and excellent ideas that are now being used in Europe
It was in the year l981 when BAR Cargolift was founded and they have put lots of emphasis on three main areas. These have become part of their success and will continue to give meaning and significance in the future as well: “Each product bearing the name BAR must be of cutting edge technology and impeccable quality.” “The mobile lifting systems must be seen as integral part of a vehicle and as such must be included into it as a complete solution”. “Only by close cooperating with the body builders can the quality of the product, the installation and the service be optimized”. These exceptional principles have proven and established to be a crystal-clear advantage for the end users.
BAR Cargolift is one of the leading companies in Europe and consider in the International benchmark as “European Player” with broad range of activities. With Leyman’s partnership with BAR Cargolift, it is a sure advantage to their customers.