Sprinter Vans

As a consumer, it is not easy to decide what particular lift gate to purchase. Sometimes, we base our decision on the price instead of understanding the range of load capacities and types, maintenance and cost, safety considerations, flexibility in terms of delivery and loading and other factors that may affect the performance of a lift gate. Leyman, manufacturers of quality lift gates offers you the Leyman Lift Gates for Sprinter Vans with catalogue number: LCS 1320. This lift gate enables a free access into the rear door equipped with a vertical folding platform. This has a capacity of 1,320 pounds and it has the smallest loading angle in its class.

It has new platform size of 52” W x 71”D (2007) and the size (2006) is previously 59” W x 63” D.
LCS 1320 has a level ride platform that has the ability to tilt at ground level automatically. At ground level, you can load the cargo, then it will automatically lift and level off with the van until the cargo is safely placed inside the van. It has a hand held radio control button for 2007 or newer vans. LCS l320 is also equipped with push button on rear on 2006 or older vans.
This model has a cart stops to prevent loads from rolling off the platform, keeping it safe until it reach its destination. It also provides flashing lights on platform, a safety measure during the loading and unloading activities. The LCS 1320 can fit single or dual wheel vehicles, so you should specify before ordering the lift gate. Electrical wiring is in compliance with all TMC standard regulations.