TLS 3500 Lift

TLS 3500 Lift Gate is one of the Leyman Lift Gates’ creations. It is an upgraded version of TLS 3000 with improved features for better performance and application. Leyman included the new Maintenance Minder2 power unit, which they consider the first commercial lift gate power unit to integrate “smart” technology. It has the capability of recording key operating data and control unit performance whether in low-voltage and or high-temperature conditions.
Some lift gates used greased rollers for the side lift gate’s in-and-out motion, but TLS 3500 lift gate uses greaseless bushings at all pivot points and slide pads. Aside from being greaseless, TLS 3500 power unit box is more accessible because the door is placed to the rear portion of the gate making it easy to reach. It is also now a standard feature on al TLS 3500 lift gates the automatic over-the-road locks. The use of chain locking mechanisms on the TLS gate has been eliminated through this safety feature. This upgraded version do not use greased pivots points anymore and the auto locks are now mounted higher than the earlier model.

This TLS new version has an adjustable tension arms for levelling the platform, an adjustable up stops and in/out stops is also provided. The marine toggle switch operation and the power in and out are also included in its standard features. Another standard feature is the lifting arms which are mounted near the centre of the platform providing a more stable, level ride.
Some available optional features are; hand pump kit, cart stops and collapsible hand rails. With Leyman Lift Gates you can assure long years of lift gates performance.