Wedge Platform

Another offering of Leyman Lift Gates to lift gates’ industry is the Wedge Platform on all LH and LLB heavy-duty Tuckunder-style lift gates. The LH and LLB series was created and designed for all truck and trailer heavy duty applications. The new wedge platform will provide the customer an easy loading and unloading of cargo without using the curbside. These two series are both low maintenance and heavy duty lift gates. The lifting capacity available in LH Hide-A-Way is 1800, 2500, 3000 and 3500 pounds with platform size measuring at 80 inches wide x 45 inches deep plus wedge platform.

The LLB model is designed for low floor applications and has available lifting capacity of 1850 and 2500 pounds. The platform measures 80 inches wide x 35 inches deep. It also features greaseless bushings which provide a strong resistance to wear and abrasion and also prevent galling. The LH and LLB are built for heavy commercial usage. In order to protect the motor and pump from road and weather elements, LH and LLB uses a steel cabinet.
LH and LLB Hide-A-Way with wedge platform comes in Chrome plated pins; Spring assisted opening and closing of platform; Pressure compensated flow controls; Marine toggle switch; Heavy duty platform extension designed to accommodate forklift usage; Pump and motor box that can be unbolted and moved for better gate installation; Low P.S.I due to larger cylinder surface; Power units have thermal protection on motors; Secondary platform has twice the amount of vertical supports for extra strength to support the weight; Lifting arms with l” thick steel with cross bracing to give even more support when the load is not centred. An option for Quick mount kit for trailer installation and ICC Bumper that is D.O.T. certified.