Be the first to be a lift gate dealer in your area.
The possibilities are endless!

Call or email to see what territories available. If we do not answer it is because we are swamped and we WILL CALL YOU BACK.

Dealers must have liability insurance for there business of 1 million
Dealers must own 1 lift at retail price.
Dealers must have a Retail location to install lifts
Dealers are responsible for there own brochures (but will get brochures with each lift they sell)
Dealers must have installation facility (this does not count your house, we listed this twice for a reason).
Dealers must have a store front even if they are adding to there online inventory
Installation does not require training and takes up to 3 hours first time around.
We do them in about 1 hour maybe 2 tops.
Locations are on a first come first serve bases ONLY.