Lift Gate and Truck Crane News

Truck cranes save backs and money in the lifting arena. George lift gate VP of marketing says truck cranes are extremely different and extremely safe”. “Lift gates” are often used for Construction, automobile, Delivery, moving, special lifting and thousands of more reasons.
We Love all the lift gates and the world would not be in the same place with out them.
Truck cranes work entirely different; it is basically a lift that is installed inside the pickup truck bed. It only requires one person and no muscle power.
Truck cranes are in a whole different class then a “regular” lift gate. The main objective is to over come the things a regular Lift gate cannot do. For example: To use a lift gate you must be able to roll the object onto the gate.
With a truck crane no wheels are needed. This makes lifting dead weight possible with out a fork lift and tractor. Un-even grounds can make a lift gate difficult or even impossible. With a pickup truck crane no matter the terrain, you can get your load loaded. You can also leverage the load anywhere you like, the middle of the truck bed or the front. This means no sliding or pushing your load. This is extremely ideal for construction sites.
For example: as an Elevator Service provider you have a 400 lb brake that needs to get to the crane on the other side of the job. No need for a flat bed trailer and a cherry picker, or even a back ho. Simply Get the truck with the truck crane and use it to transport the brake, all with one person. Seeing how the brake has no wheels, this makes the lift gate impossible to move until further help has arrived.

You can operate an pickup truck crane from far away. This means no chance of a load falling on you or anyone else.
truck cranes are a safe lift. You can also use truck cranes to lower tools down in man holes. Why not use it to pull a stump from the ground? Pull a car from the mud? It is a hydraulic lift gate with a 1 ton winch.
Safety is a major issue with Lift Gates. Ask your insurance company if you would qualify for a discount using a pickup truck crane.
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