Bumper Cranes

When it comes to bumper cranes, there is cranes and truck cranes but a Power Hoist bumper crane gives it a whole new meaning to truck lift. We are talking about a fully working crane that will lift up to 2,000 lb of real weight and the best part is it hides inside the back of your truck!

Most pickup truck cranes or bumper cranes will bolt on to your truck or you may even have a portable crane for the small stuff. All set aside the Power Hoist separates the men from the boys. It not only works it works well. Bumper cranes are not very common as they can be a major hassle.

When choosing a bumper crane just make sure you you don’t get more than you need. The higher the pay load the higher the price.

Cons of a regular bumper crane:

  • Out Riggers
  • Must be on a level Surface
  • Set up time
  • Extra weight hanging off end of truck, not evenly disburst.
  • Most bumper cranes you have to “manually” swing load into truck (this can be a problem on a non level surface)
  • Can’t reach front of bed near cab.
  • Soft Surfaces Like sand or after it rains, means you have to put ply wood under out riggers.
  • Some bumper cranes block your spare tire which means trouble if you get a flat.


Power Hoist does not need outriggers, ever
Power Hoist can be on just about any surface, even sand or mud.
Power Hoist Weight is evenly distributed so not to put extra wear and tear on your truck.
Power Hoist uses Hydraulic arms to lift the load in your truck.
Power Hoist can set the load in any part of the bed never touching the load.
Power Hoist has no set up time. Plug in your remote and you area ready to go.
Power Hoist allows you to easily get to your spare tire if needed.
Power Hoist is durable and will out last your truck and Many trucks after that.
Power Hoist is a fast return and works year after year.
Power Hoist you can remove from the old truck and install in the new truck.
Power Hoist is the lightest most powerful lift gate in its class and out lifts any lift when compared weight per lift.
Power Hoist will double as a manhole safety and rescue device.
Power Hoist is Industrial Heavy Duty for every day use.

Now that is thinking outside the box, Inside the box and around the box!