Sure a lift gate lifts, but only pickup truck cranes/hoist will “lift and carry” the load. When we say lift and carry we mean the load is actually lifted and carried to the spot in your truck you want to sit it. If you can get your truck to it then you can lift and carry it no matter the terrain.

The arched motion is what makes lift and carry so easy. You can easily lift a 14ft log and set it right in the middle of the truck. You will need a head ache rack. How is this done? Easy, the load length is always cut in half when lifting. For example: If you lift a 8ft coffee table you will lift from the center giving you 4ft on each side.

You only have to clear 4ft to the back of the truck with an 8ft object! With a 22 ft beam that means 12 feet on each side. If you hook your load in 4ft the radius of the arch will keep the beam high enough to clear the bed and place it on a head ache rack. Turn a pickup truck into a logging truck!

Is it important to be able to lift and carry an object in any terrain condition? It was for Ryan Raily. Ryan does subcontracting for Halliburton in Bryan Texas. He delivers drill bits and sometimes he comes up against different terrains. “My old lift gate had to be on a flat surface in order to roll the drill bit onto the platform, just being one inch off the ground could cost me a day waiting for a fork lift to show up, with a truck crane I can now lift and carry my drill bits on any terrain.