Wellhead Lift

A wellhead is what caps a oil well, gas line or even water outlets. It suspends casing strings and seals the wells, thus the name “well head”. In the oil field a well head is referred as a Christmas Tree.

Types of wellheads depend on the types of well it is on. Pressure, materials, dimensions and what liquid all determine the type of well head.

Wellheads are very common in many states especially Texas. More than likely you have seen a well head will driving locally or in the country. They are used for gas, oil, water, liquid nitrogen, nitrogen, natural gas and various plant chemicals.

Pressure and collapse containment is one of the main purposes. Well control, injections, pressure monitoring, different pump attachments, pressure relief.

We have found the power hoist 2000 works wonders in changing out 1800- 2000 lb well heads. It is fast and convenient and you can send 2 men for the job instead of 4. Easily lift, change, set or replace well heads with ease with this powerful means of lifting.

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