Lift gate Pricing


Compared to regular lift gates prices, our lift gate is more durable and saves you money on gas, truck maintenance and lift maintenance (ours is maintenance free). So if you think Tommy Gate is Cheaper, Think again. This lift will last longer than your truck and the truck after that and after that.

Dear PDI,
My Name is Ryan Raily, I am a Supervisor with Halliburton. I just wanted to let you know how excited and pleased I am with your lifts. In the oil field we use them on a daily bases.
Running a crew of 24 and 12 trucks I gave each crew the choice of a Tommy Gate or a lift gate Hoist. It was a 50 50 split. I paid very close attention to both lifts and had to laugh when the guys had to borrow the liftgate Hoist form the other guys and the other guys didn’t.