Lift Gate Testimonials


Thank You for Your feed back!

I loaded a large Colorado Elk on my 2004 GMC 4X4 truck with a my Power Hoist. on November 29, 2006. The Power Hoistt enabled us to quickly load four large elk (650 – 750 lbs) for transport to the local butcher. I love the hoist. I can’t go with out
this hoist!

Cal Mock
Best piece of equipment we’ve ever bought. Don’t know how we lived without it! It pays for itself fast!

Cyndi Sauer. Texas Department of Transportation, Houston, Texas
We’re very proud of our lift! We use it every day.

Major Oil Field Service Company
We chose the Power Hoist 1000 over tailgate lifts for our applications because we saw the increased productivity and potential to reduce injuries.

Ronnie S., Health and Safety Specialist, Hughes Christensen, Houston, Texas
Great tool! We use it to lift and place 50 KBA transformers weighing up to 950 lbs.

Robert T. South Texas Nuclear Plant, Bay City, Texas
It makes life tons easier. We do things in the field that we previously had to do in the shop with an overhead crane. I lift heavy drill bits in the back of the truck with ease rather than having to drag them on to the lift and then
yank, push and pull them in place. I like that my truck still looks good, without the heavy lift gate riding on the back of the truck.

Major Oil Field Services Company
Best tool we ever invested in! We use it on a daily basis and it pays for itself through increased productivity and eliminates our need for a forklift.

George P. Sigma Energy, Ozona, Texas
I love my Power Hoist 1000 – it lets me do what would normally take 2 to 3 men to do. I recommend it to anyone who has to deal with 200 lbs or more and to ANYONE in my business.

Ken A. Memorials – La Porte, Texas
This tool should have been on the market ten years ago! It’s a great addition for our trucks.

Henry M. El Paso Corporation – Jall, New Mexico
While Power Hoist is a new product, it has been thoroughly tested since 2003 in Houston, Texas. During that time, Power Hoist has garnered a customer base that are using it in the field in the following:

Oil field services
Oil exploration
Natural Gas Production
Construction supply
Electric utilities
School districts (change bus tires easily)
Elevator maintenance
City public works
City animal control
Tool supply
Heating and cooling (boilers, wood stoves)
Ranches & farms
And much more!

Our Customer List includes Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and individuals. Power Hoist is now being used across the United States, the Health and Safety Department of Hughes Christensen (tool bit division) has standardized on the Power Hoist as part of its material handling system for pickup and service body trucks. A sample listing of companies using Power Hoist includes:

Baker Hughes (Hughes Christensen)
California Edison
Tennessee Gas
El Paso Corporation
Wilson Tools
City of Houston
Lehigh University
Kohn Elevator
South Texas Nuclear Plant
Texas Department of Transportation
Suahurita School District
City of Yreka
Sigma Energy
Port of Houston

Power Hoist 1000/2000 is an extreme engineered product that will give years of reliable service. It strength is its advantage, ease of use and quality manufacturing.