Truck Lift Gate Hoist


The new Power Hoist Lift gates are just as durable as the old ones. They are lighter more powerful and have a longer reach than the old ones. You can still remove it from your old truck and put it in your new truck when you are ready.

They come with a light kit and they also do not take up much room in the truck bed, leaving a bigger payload.

The greatest part of all is newbie’s can install them in 3 hours or less. Our record install is less than 20 minutes with pre-drilled holes.

The new lifts use a soft metal alloy that stands up to every day lifting. They are durable and industrial and will outlast your truck and the one after that and the one after that….

The all new power hoist hides away in your bed so no ugly eye soars and since the weight is laid out evenly in your bed, it means less wear and tear on your truck body and mind. Better gas mileage saves you tons of money and being able to haul a load with one person saves thousands each and every month.

Our lifts look expensive at first, and then people soon realize we are the most economical lift on the planet.

Pricing Dimensions and weight